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Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses specifically designed for each student.

For people who wish to progress rapidly, we have designed intensive courses, they are held usually in places away from their workplace, such as Cuernavaca. The student will spend 9 hours with different teachers, dealing with situations which may range from daily life to workplace conditions. These courses may be scheduled over a weekend, a week or more.

Such courses are usually designed for executives and their families who are about to be transferred abroad as expat. Besides learning the language, students will learn relevant cultural aspects and social behavior of the country of interest, helping them adapt and adjust themselves adequately in it.

For those students who wish to experience studying in another country, we have total immersion courses in the United States. Such courses will be scheduled according to the student's availability and their length may vary from one to several weeks.

We recommend this course to students who have an intermediate or advanced level of English.